Certification Europe Training

Testimonial 5

Given the amount of money we invest in energy management, the cost of Certification Europe is relatively small in the overall project but it’s invaluable. I always say it when the auditors come here, we really value the experience we get during the audit with Certification Europe. With they come on a site visit, the start of the day feels like an audit and the end bit feels like and audit, but the bit in between feels like you are bringing in an external consultant that are there to help you improve your energy management systems. Their auditors are actually very good in luring you in to an open honest conversation, talking about energy and to be honest I like that because it is a genuine discussion where you get to talk to experts be it technical or on the management system. It doesn’t feel like a stuffy audit when the guys come. You don’t feel like you are minding your p’s & q’s and being very economical with your language.

Peter Moran Energy & Engineering Manager, AbbVie Ireland

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