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Gwen M Bechtel



About Me

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONAL FOR OVER 15 YEARS, in the public and private sectors, developed and developing country experience. I am passionate about aligning goals, incentives, contracts, and market activities to advance environmental performance.

Interface with established partners and high-level industry leaders and sustaining organizational strategies on over 20 major infrastructure projects and government/regime advisor for infrastructure including roadways, railways, power generating units, water pipelines, and wastewater treatment plants within the public sector and industrial programs.

Furthermore, for the industrial sectors have developed and implemented environmental management systems to continually improve the impact of the organization on the environment; develop, implement and monitor environmental strategies, policies and programmes that promote sustainable development. Coordinated all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling, environmental health, conservation and renewable energy and environmental, safety and health operations for industrial sectors including preparation of extensive planning, ESH assessments, EIA oversight, regulatory permitting USEPA, (Title V, RCRA, SPCC, NPDES, & SWP3) EU and international regulation and legislation (World Bank, EU, NGO, US Environmental Policy Act) supporting sustainability program, safety and environmental oversight.

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