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ISO 50001:2018 Transport Training Module

This 2-day interactive, practical training course, covers all major aspects of energy in transport, focusing on road transport for staff, passengers and goods, with optional modules on supply chain, rail, maritime and air travel.


    ISO 50001:2018 Transport Module Training Course

    This established ISO 50001:2018 Transport Module training course has been updated to the Transport within the energy management standard within the ISO ISO 50001:2018 framework. As companies with ISO50001 certification or a requirement to do energy audits progress, they are seeing that their largest energy user is often their company car, van, or heavy-duty vehicle fleet.

    Certification Europe will deliver a Two One day Transport training course that Includes all changes to the 2018 Energy Standard. Within the framework of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) 2012 (Article 8) this course helps large organisations identify and deliver on opportunities to save energy and emissions in transport.


    • How to prepare and conduct effective energy audits in transport Changes in requirements for top management – Leadership
    • Supporting tools to identify and quantify opportunities for energy savings Changes in technical requirement – energy review
    • Prioritise them into energy action plans, monitor, report and verify results Changes in requirements for the competence
    • Eco-driving is covered and the ECOfleet platform is demonstrated
    • Tools to quantify fuel and CO2 savings in car & van fleets are provided

    For more details on this course please email prussell@certificaitoneurope.com or call 01 642 9300

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