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This course gives an overview of OHSAS 18001 and how this standard can help increase health and safety conformity within your organisation and reduce the number of incidents. Filled with videos, case studies and white papers, this course will increase your awareness and knowledge of OHSAS 18001.

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OHSAS 1800:2007 Occupational, Health and Safety Management Certification is an international standard which provides a framework to identify, control and decrease the risks associated with health and safety within your company. Implementing the standard will send a clear signal to your stakeholders that you view employee’s health and safety as a principal priority within your company.

An increasing number of organisations are completing OHSAS 18001 Certification as employers are under increasing pressure to ensure that a rigorous health and safety policy is in place which protects employees against possible occupational risks and reduces the likelihood of accidents in the workplace.  By planning ahead a company can also reduce the potential for medical and compensation claims.

The OHSAS 18001 standard provides organisations with a framework for health and safety management helping them to:

  • Identify, minimise and control health and safety risks
  • Conform to health and safety legislation
  • Protect the well being of employees.

Benefits of OHSAS 18001

Certification to OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management systems signals to your clients and stakeholders that your organisation is committed to protecting the needs of all your stakeholders.

Benefits of OHSAS 18001 Certification – Health and Safety Certification

  • Improved corporate image and credibility among stake holders, regulators, customers, prospective clients and the public
  • Adoption of international best practice in relation to risk management
  • Ensures health and well-being of employees, sub-contractors and the public
  • Minimisation of liability of employers through adoption of proactive rather than reactive controls
  • Ensures legislative awareness and compliance
  • Reduces accident and incident rates by reducing and elimination workplace hazards
  • Improves the incident investigation process
  • Increases employee motivation through the provision of a safer workplace and participation process

Course Content & Lessons

The free online OHSAS 18001 introductory training course covers the following areas and lesson topics. This course includes videos, case studies and some short questionnaires to deliver an overview of the OHSAS 18001 standard. The case study used in this course is from our client, Cornerstone Automation Systems.

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    Nice and very precise course..


    I’ve done my already my online OHSAS in other webs that offer free online course, but i did not fully understand but here the lessons are interactive

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    A very useful basic introduction, sufficiently thought provoking and informative.

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    Excellent course


    Very useful and educative course

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    Very useful information, explained in a clear manner.

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    Very good course


    Very useful information, explained in a clear manner

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    OHSAS 18001 online introduction.....


    A simple starter outlining the sections to build up from.

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    The approach is simple straightforward and easy to understand. I am better informed, better equipped and have a better understanding of implementation of workplace safety standards.

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    The benefits i had going through this course.


    OHSAS 18001 is a good certification. Any company that wants tremendous growth should go for it. it gives you scalability and allows business to manage their work flow and staff easily. Injuries are lessened, if not eliminated.

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    Very good introduction


    A comprehensive set of information leading to the fundamental knowledge of implementing OHSAS in the facility. I look forward to the next set of introductory slides/video.

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    Very informative and usefull. Gives you a good idea of what OHSAS 18001 is about.

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    course is nice


    This course is very good. it is so much helped me…

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    Introduction of OHSAS 18001 clear and very good prepared


    I found the course very well done and clear in all of his parts.
    I suggest to everybody wants to understand this stardard.

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    Good course


    Great information for learning the OHSAS WAY!

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    Great Introduction to OHSAS 18001


    This is a great tool for someone that needs to know about OHSAS 18001. Obviously a more in depth course is needed to correctly implement it. Great free way to showcase what you offer in your paid courses.

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    Good Online Intro Training


    I am happy to be able to fine this site and the intro course to OHSAS 18001:2007 from certification Europe as it was able to raise my know how about safety management.

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    The lesson was elaborate and eye opening explaining OHSAS requirements. I recommend it to anyone interested in Safety and Health Certification.

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    Nicely structure


    Nicely structure

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    Easy to follow at your own schedule


    The instructor explained core concepts and important implications behind clauses well and easy enough to understand.
    Great stuff.

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    Only videos and text. No testing.


    I’m disappointed. There is no one test to check the knowledge

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    Easy to follow and understand


    Easy step by step introduction to how ISo18001 fits into existing Management Systems.

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    Introduction to OHSAS 18001


    It is interesting to understand how system of OHSAS 18001 really works in practice.

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    Introduction to OHSAS 18001:2007


    The courses is very important to my jobs

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    OHSAS 18001:2007


    Training materials were easily understandable and clear to focus on the knowledge.

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    Excellently prepared and presented course


    The course is very well presented. I have gained valuable information and understanding about the OHSAH 18001. It would be more attractive if more practical examples were shown.

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    Thank you


    Thanks for your constribution in this course.

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    Certification Europe OHSAS 18001 course is just Great!!!


    I am quite satisfied that Certification Europes provides a very good an excellent free online course on OHSAS 18001. Paddy is excellent presenter and instructor and while being thorough manages to focus in those very key and critical areas that make OHSAS 18001 a great program to implement.

    I have no doubt that with the quality of their online course would mirror the quality of their certification services.

    I would recommend them to many quality as well as H&S management professional within various industries!

    Ralph Del Carpio
    Mining H&S Manager and ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

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    Simple and Useful


    Get the certification with just going through the videos and description.

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    Thank you so much for the excellent course.

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    Excellent tutorials and guidance.


    This is amazing courses i found online easy to understood, amazing tutorials.

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    good course


    helpful to make your business better
    i like it so much

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    Great Course


    Very informative course in introducing you to OHSAS 18001

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    Useful short introduction


    The short introduction into important OHSAS 18001 provides in the compact form description of the main aspects of this standard and can be used as a basis for more thoughtful study of the subject.

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    More detail


    After completing the course I felt that if the Training Module will be elaborated that will help better understanding.

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    OHSAS Certification Europe


    Found this course very hepful, informative recommend for anyone looking to upscale there health and safety knowledge

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    Rob Poole


    An excellent insight and introduction as to how the OHSAS 18001 standard works.

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    Very informative and to the point


    A well combined introduction into how the OHSAS 18001 standard works.

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    OHSAS 180001:2007


    Conveniently satisfactory

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    OHSAS 18001 introduction


    laid put in the simplest to understand manner, sequential PCDA approach and practical approach with examples. The course is structured so as to make OHSAS 18001 easy to understand and i am now certainly going through the implementation process with enthusiasm.

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    OHSAS 18001 course satisfaction


    I found it very interesting and useful for all sectors.

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    Excellent contents


    I could learn introduction of OHSAS 18001 through this free course.

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    One of the Best


    It was a good experience.Mr paddy is a very good instructer

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    Very basic introduction to OHSAS


    Is just that an introduction

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    Straight to the point


    Very professional & covers the whole system requirements. Well done & thanks.

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    Excellent Course


    The course remains the best i have learned. The videos are captivating with the instructor holding you spellbound in his lectures.

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    best online course


    best online coure

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    Quite interactive and detailed enough for better understanding. i recommend it to anyone seeking a career in health and safety

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